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Josephine's Gardening Philosophy

The reasons why I beleive in Organic Gardening and Native Plant Conservation.

In the beginning God created the Earth and all the marvelous plants and animals. He made them all different and distributed them to different parts of the Earth so that they could live in harmony with the weather conditions of the area where they were placed.

He set forth His laws for the growth and recycling of all plants and animals and we call these the laws of Nature.
Every living thing, plant or animal is meant to die and decompose, thereby becoming food for other living things.

He looked at this perfectly ordered world, and He saw it was good. Then He created man and woman giving them dominion over all the plants and animals and entrusting them with their safe keeping.

We, the Gardeners of the world, have been entrusted with God's marvelous Creation. We are called to tend His garden with humility and reverence according to the laws that He set forth.

Therefore, each of us in our own little piece of the Earth should respect and preserve from extinction our native plants and animals so as not to alter the balance of Nature. We can do this by 0rganic gardening, composting and native plant conservation.

Dear friends and fellow Gardeners, let us look upon the soil as the living breathing organism that it is, and let us feed it with organic matter to provide the food and air necessary to all plant life. Then with healthy soil, we shall be rewarded with healthy beautiful plants that will provide us with wonderful food for our bodies and magnificent beauty for our souls.

Friend, may your garden be an extension of God's beautiful Creation, and may your work be an example for others to follow.    --Josephine